Introduced M-43 Service Shoes
Hoween Leather CXL Roughout

by John Lofgren on September 26, 2020

John Lofgren Bootmaker M-43 Service Shoes are not simple reproductions of WWII U.S. Army service shoes. Not just another boondocker. They are a modern-day piece de resistance of footwear, carefully designed to meet the needs of contemporary life, but still look very classic, down to the distinctive Munson last shape. The Munson last was patented in 1912 by U.S. Army doctor, Edward Munson. Dr. Munson perfected his last after studying the feet of more than two thousand soldiers.

The roughout uppers are Horween Chromexcel, who was a supplier to the U.S. Army for the original service shoes during WWII.

Here is an aging sample of M-43 service shoes. A really nice customer sent us back his JLB M-43 boots because he wanted everyone to see the potential of what they can become. He wears them at his job and wanted new ones. The boots he sent us are gorgeous and have years, if not decades left in them.